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Интенсивный семинар-практикум по ландшафтному дизайну

Приглашаем 22.03.2019 на «Интенсивный семинар-практикум по ландшафтному дизайну»


Non profit Partnership
Landscape Industry of Southern Region (LIUR)

About us

On July, 8th, 2009 the constituent assembly of the enterprises of the landscape industry created Noncommercial partnership «the Landscape industry of Southern region» which has united the enterprises rendering services in landscape designing, gardening and an accomplishment.

Our services

For formation of the complex approach to an accomplishment and gardening of municipal unions we offer working out of following documents:

  • Rules of creation, the maintenance and protection of green plantings of territory
  • the Register of green plantings of territory
  • the Order of the account of green plantings on objects of gardening of territory (Monitoring of green plantings)
  • the Passport of an accomplishment and планировочного territory decisions
  • the General scheme of gardening of municipal territory

For an estimation of a condition of green building our experts offer following services:

  • the Conclusions on an accomplishment and gardening of territory of the objects shown to acceptance in operation
  • the Estimation of quality of performance of works on gardening and maintenances of the planted trees and shrubs territories
  • Inventory of green plantings
  • the Diagnosis, supervision and recommendations about protection of plants
  • value Definition / damage calculation
  • the Estimation of a condition, the recommendation and support of reconstruction of historical parks and gardens
  • the Estimation of interventions/recommendations on damage compensation
  • Research of soils and places of landing, the recommendation about specific structure and suitability of places of landing

Our Experts and enterprises carry out a complex of services:

  • Landscape designing of parks, gardens and other objects of green building in municipal union territory
  • Working out of a landscape breadboard model and dendroplan
  • Realization of landscape projects
  • Architectural supervision, the control of landings and support at acceptance
  • Delivery of a landing material, schedule working out caring works
  • Designing and realisation of projects of a drop irrigation
  • Creation of fountains, falls and artificial reservoirs

Principle of our work is three «E»: Ecology, Esthetics and Economy.

Together we do the world more beautiful!


Cell phone: +7 (918) 049-33-95
Email: konshan@mail.ru

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